Oliver came to Old Dog Haven after being surrendered because he was being neglected. We saw his picture with the request for a foster home and instantly fell in love. When he arrived at our house he was shaggy and stinky but the sweetest dog we had ever met. He went into the salon for a make-over and exited as a very handsome boy.  All of his teeth had to be removed. His tongue stuck out of his mouth all of the time, but that just made him cuter. Oliver loved to ride in the car (especially if he went to the coffee stand for treats) and sleep on our soft leather couches.

He loved stealing blankets and barking at the front door when nobody was there. He was smart and funny and a great listener.

Oliver had heart disease and hypertension which was being treated aggressively.   When he was diagnosed with diabetes he responded badly to the first insulin and had to go into intensive care; there they determined that he also had Cushings disease and was struggling with respiratory distress as well.   This illness came suddenly and he could not recover.  He went peacefully.

He has left a huge hole in our hearts and we will miss him.