Oliver was a lucky boy. The first 12 years of his life he enjoyed the love and care of devoted people who kept his lifelong allergy issues under control; special diet, medicated baths for his skin, medication for his ears and eyes, he was diligently maintained. Then they passed away and he didn’t receive the care he needed to maintain his health.

After living for more than a year with zero attention to any of his chronic conditions, Oliver’s condition was grave. His ears and eyes were both sealed closed from infection debris, the chain around his neck was fused to his chest with an infections scab, his hair was either long and matted or falling out with large bald patches and several oozing sores. His tail was bald, and his nails so long they curled under his paws. He was in pain and emotionally devastated. Rescued at last, his road to recovery could finally begin.

After much vetting and attention to his wellbeing, Ollie is now looking good. His hair has grown back full and lush and his ears and eyes are clear of infection. He is deaf in both ears and blind in one eye as a result of the neglect. Ollie’s foster mom says she can tell by the way he flinches and ducks when she reaches to pet him that he was hit a lot, he has some obvious nerve involved pain and lack of mobility in his hind end. She calls him her “little Eeyore” as his posture and mood so often resemble Winnie the Pooh’s old friend. As Ollie comes out of the extremely ‘shut down’ place in which he was living, anxiety has grabbed hold of him, and we are working hard to find good answers to that problem too. His foster mom tells us he loves roaming the fenced yard and trying to catch birds (LOL), but his real happy place is cuddled up next to her on the couch, were his anxiety slips away and he enjoys being loved again.

Oliver will need lifelong medications for his eyes, ears, skin and mind. A special prescription diet and regular medicated bathing to keep his allergy issues at bay. And yes, Ollie is once again a lucky dog because he’s an ODH final refuge dog.

With the support of our wonderful volunteers and donors, he is being well cared for, for the rest of his life.

Update:  Sadly, after less than 4 months with his wonderful new family, Oliver’s health issues became too much and he was very lovingly sent on his way.  Oliver was a very special boy and we are thankful that his last months were spent in love and getting the very best care.