This cutie is just so much fun, and as smart as they come! Olyve is listed as a “senior” because she’s 10 years old … but apparently the only thing she can’t do is count, because she has no clue she’s an old lady. She has everything it takes to be a great companion and family dog: she’s playful, friendly, affectionate, and able to learn new tricks without missing a beat. Strangers are just friends waiting to be met, as far as this girl is concerned. She is sweet, gentle, polite and submissive to humans of all ages, shapes and sizes. If you want to be her friend, she wants to be your friend. If you have treats, she really wants to be your friend RIGHT NOW.

She has lived with a cat in the past, and happily allowed it to snuggle up and warm itself against her. She currently lives with another dog and they get on well. Her reaction to other dogs varies – with some she’s friendly, but if she doesn’t like a dog she makes her feelings very clear. She would probably do best as an only dog.

Olyve is very playful, and will entertain herself for hours with her toys, tossing them in the air, pouncing on them, and rolling her ball down stairs. She’s an active dog who loves a good run around in her back yard or, better still, a walk, but when nothing much is going on she’s happy to just chill. She is very affectionate, without being needy. She will bark if left outside for a long time without company, but otherwise the only time she makes noise is a wuff when she hears something unusual. One thing that frightens her very much is loud bangs, like fireworks and guns.

Olyve’s manners both indoors and outside are excellent. She is fully crate-trained, and usually sleeps in her crate. She is completely reliably house-trained, and will wait all day while her humans are at work, if necessary, without having an accident. She likes toys that she can chew, but she’s not destructive.

As a puppy she went to school, and she still pretty much knows the basics. Her recall isn’t reliable outdoors – there’s just too much to see and smell, so she must be walked on a leash, and she needs a fenced yard to ensure that she gets to run. She is good on a leash – will pull at first, but settles down quickly and remembers to walk nicely. That thing they say about how you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It absolutely does not apply to this dog! She knows a bunch of tricks and is always up for learning something new. She is highly treat-motivated and has a high desire to please, as well as being very intelligent.

Olyve is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team.  Olyve is located in Richland, WA. Transportation through Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team from the Tri-Cities area to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest is possible.

This in not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.