If your life feels incomplete without a devoted little snuggler to share it with you, you need to meet Bella, a 10 year old rat terrier. This shy but affectionate little dog has impeccable manners and a sweet nature. All she needs is one special person to love! Bella is a shy little dog, somewhat timid with strangers, but willing to accept treats. Her adopter will need to give Bella time to bond, and must be willing to be patient. Once you win her trust, she will bond very closely. She copes well with unfamiliar environments, such as traveling or visiting people in their homes, as long as she can stay close to her person. With unfamiliar dogs she will be a little timid and very submissive, but is willing to be friends. She has lived with a cat with no problems. Bella will do best in a quiet home with gentle people. Small children who are noisy and clumsy are likely to scare her. She does not like loud noises like fireworks or gun shots.

Bella’s energy level is moderate: she’s up for whatever you want to do, whether that’s snuggling on the couch, or watching you while you do your thing, or accompanying you wherever you want to go. She loves going for walks, and can be trusted off-leash – she never goes far away – but is quite content to just hang out at home if you’re not in the mood for exercise. But although she becomes very attached she is not particularly needy. Bella will cope fine alone at home while you’re at work or running errands without her. She is not destructive, and the only time she barks is when people come to the door. Bella is not an especially playful dog, but she does love to hoard toys! Bella knows sit, down and kennel-up. She usually comes when called, and she’s comfortable on a leash (although she doesn’t walk to heel). She is completely potty trained, and will use the same spot outdoors every time she relieves herself.

Bella is posted Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team.  Bella is located in Richland, WA. Transportation through Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team from the Tri-Cities area to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest is possible.

This in not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.