If you are looking for an active yet mature dog, handsome Parker is your boy! Parker is only 8 years old. He is a chocolate lab mix, a big guy weighing about 85 pounds. Parker is described as “a big teddy bear who has lots of love to give”. Who wouldn’t want to give Parker his adoptive home?

Parker has been good with children of all ages but he’s a big dog whose strength and size could be too much for a young child. He has lived with other dogs in the past but currently he shares his home with a cat. We are told he is social with friendly dogs but can get a little anxious when meeting new dogs on leash. Parker can pull on leash  when he first starts out on his walk (out of excitement!) so he needs a home with someone who can manage his strength. He needs lots of exercise, which will be a lot of fun for someone who can provide that. Parker enjoys long walks and he loves to chase a ball. As one may expect, Parker also loves to swim-for as many hours as he can!

Conveniently, Parker is dog door trained. He can stay alone for a work day just fine as long as he can get out to potty while you are away. Parker behaves himself in the house but he has been known to sneak up on the couch and nap.  A home with a fenced yard would be perfect for Parker.

Parker is a happy boy who wants to snuggle and play. He sounds like such a fun dog. He is waiting in Bellingham, WA. for his new family.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.