How’d you like to have these cute faces in your home to appreciate every day? These best friends are Peete and Rogan.  Peete is said to be a 13 pound maltese mix; he is 12 years old. 10 year old Rogan is a 7 pound terrier mix. The boys are looking for an adoptive home together as they’ve been together since they were puppies.

Both are said to be good with other dogs but Rogan shows some apprehension around dogs who are aggressive or large. They’ve not lived with cats but have spent time with cats while visiting family members and done fine with them. Around respectful kids they are said to be great.

Peete and Rogan can stay together without a problem while their people leave for the day, managing quite a while without needing a potty break. Both boys can do stairs.

The boys have lived on a large piece of property where they’ve enjoyed room to roam. Of course one would want to be sure they have a safe, fenced yard to keep them safe from predators.  Rogan, being the younger dog of the two is more active whereas Peete is more easy-going, preferring to cuddle up inside the house. For the most part, both are homebodies who just want to hang out with each other and even better- together and with their people.

Not much is known about their health as they’ve not had recent, regular vetting. Old Dog Haven recommends vetting for senior dogs at least once a year unless there are obvious or known health issues which require more frequent vetting.

Together, these dogs are less than 20 pounds! They won’t take much room up in your home but certainly they will in your heart. Rogan and Peete are in Auburn, WA., waiting for their adopter.

These are not an ODH dogs; we urge potential adopters to do their own evaluation.