9 year old Rae is a pomeranian (perhaps a mix?) who weighs a little over 12 pounds. Rae is a sweetheart who sadly has lost one senior owner after another due to terminal cancer.

We’re told that Rae has never lived with other dogs but she is friendly with dogs she meets. Rae has lived with cats and she has a tendency to ignore them. She’s been observed to be find around gentle children.

A dog her size and age is really a young senior! The benefit to this is, Rae can have pep and be spunky at times but she can also be calm and mellow.

Rae likes to play! She appreciates daily, short frequent walks. Her “speed” is leisurely and she’s not a puller while on leash-how nice!

While she was used to a home with people who were home often, she is currently fine about staying home alone. Reportedly Rae can hold her bladder for about 5 hours during the day.

Rae can manage going up and down stairs when needed.

This very nice girl needs a home with someone whom she won’t lose; she’s been through the loss of 2 homes and while she’s adapted, she shouldn’t have to do so again.

Someone will be very lucky to welcome Rae into their family. She is currently living in Seattle, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge potential adopters to do their own evaluation.