Pepper is a 40-pound mixed breed who is guessed to be around 15 years old – yes, a very old dog. He is an easy-going boy who is described as “the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog”.  Pepper had a canine buddy who has passed away; he’s fine with other dogs. Currently Pepper gets along very well with the cat in their home and he  helped raise a human child. At his advanced age, however, he should have a home with children who will not climb or pull on him. He is content with a short walk once a day and he shouldn’t have to climb stairs. Pepper can be left alone while you are at work or while you are out and about. He is said to be able to go quite a while without needing a potty break but, as one would imagine, he’d probably prefer not to have to “hold it” for many hours. Pepper is in need of a forever home. He doesn’t ask for much but this old man sounds like a gentle dog who will give so much love. It can be very rewarding to give a home to a very senior dog.

Pepper is in Seattle WA,  ready for adoption.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.