Porter was delivered to a shelter as a stray. He was estimated to be around 10 years of age and was scheduled to be euthanized after being diagnosed with heart and lung issues. Old Dog Haven was contacted and agreed to take him. He was placed in a temporary foster home and started receiving much needed care.

As soon as Porter arrived he was hospitalized for respiratory distress. At first they thought it was heart failure but had to have a bronchoscopy and airway bacterial culture done by internist.  Thanks to the Maranda Fund the procedure was done and helped diagnose his lung disease so a treatment plan could be devised. Porter was a complete medical mystery for the entire time he was with Old Dog Haven but this was the first step toward management and helped him feel a lot better.

Once he was placed with a permanent foster, he was established with a new veterinarian who will coordinate his care. He is being weaned off of his medications so that he can be tested for Cushings Disease and undergo an ultrasound on his liver. He has been losing weight and loves to go for walks and car rides.

The first night in his permanent foster home, he picked his person (Gramma, of course) and sleeps with her. He loves blankets and pillows and will arrange them for his comfort. His favorite spot in the house is the back of the couch where he can see out of multiple windows. He responds to commands and was well trained by someone. He is an unusual looking dog. He could be part corgi, Chihuahua or dachshund. Everyone who meets him finds him adorable.

His health is improving and he is feeling safe and loved. With the care that he is receiving from Old Dog Haven, he can expect to live the rest of his life in comfort.

Update:   After enjoying is loving new home for several months, Porter became ill very quickly and his family sadly had to say good-bye.  He was much cherished and will be missed, but his family is grateful he shared his last months with them.