Precious, a tiny long haired Chihuahua, had been adopted from a shelter at a fairly young age and then was surrendered to another shelter when she was around 10-12 years of age.  Somewhere along the line she had become very frightened, losing much confidence in humans and the world in general.  Like so many of the seniors who come in to Old Dog Haven care, her teeth had been neglected and she was in desperate need of a dental–often a deal-breaker for potential adopters at the shelter.  So the shelter contacted ODH and a Final Refuge home with three other little Chihuahuas took her in to their fold. And they’ve watched her blossom! Teaching a scared, fragile little thing that life is good, that humans can be trusted, and that it’s OK to have fun takes a lot of patience and time–and she’s been getting all of it in spades!

Precious is gaining in confidence every day. Seeing her happy and thriving melts her ODH mom’s heart.

Update:  Sadly, sweet Precious’s health failed her and we had to say goodbye to a very special little girl.