12 year old Precious Tara is a terrier mix who weighs 15 pounds. She loves to explore and check everything out! When she’s done exploring, she just wants a lap or a favorite place on the couch to nap. She can’t hear, and doesn’t see too well anymore so needs monitoring when she’s outside and may need help finding the right door to go back in (she wants to go through every door she comes across!).

Tara gets nervous if left alone too long, and does not like being kenneled, so she would do best in a home where someone is home most of the day. At night she’ll snuggle next to you on the bed, and burrow under the covers if she gets cold (again, she’s a JRT!). Her worst bad habit is that she’ll beg for food when you’re eating, and may chase the other pets away if they get to close where human food is concerned; she’s not that protective of her own food, though.

Her current foster has cats and other small dogs, that she tends to ignore–If they leave her alone, she leaves them alone.  Precious Tara LOVES going for walks, and jumps right in the car. She is the perfect companion for someone looking for a quiet little shadow!

Precious Tara is posted for the Everett Animal Shelter in Everett, WA. She is currently in an Everett Animal Shelter foster home.  If you would like to meet her please go to the shelter website, www.everettwa.gov, and complete an adoption application. Please send your completed application to easseseniordog@gmail.com.

This is not an ODH Dog; we urge potential adopters to do their own evaluation.