When Pupperz‘ owner passed away, this little seven pound Pomeranian didn’t have a home to go to and Old Dog Haven was asked for help. This 15 year-old’s skin and coat were in poor condition, and he had several chronic diseases – heart and liver disease as well as hypothyroidism – as well as increasingly limited hearing and vision. Thankfully, an experienced ODH Final Refuge family was willing to give this pumpkin the loving home he needed.

Pupperz’ new forever mom picked him up herself and brought him home to join his new family – his very own pack of other very small rescue dogs! His mom tells us that Pupperz is an absolute sweetie and she was smitten with him pretty quickly. He’s also good with cats, social with other dogs, and has a quiet and loving personality. What’s not to adore? And because of your support of ODH, Pupperz will have the good vet care he needs to make the rest of his days comfortable and full of life.

Such a lucky boy to be surrounded by love and friendship in his golden years!