10 year old Ramsey is a gorgeous Rottweiler who weighs about 100 pounds. This nice boy is said to be good with other dogs and that he really enjoys having canine companionship. He does not like cats! Because of his size and strength, a home with older children who won’t accidentally be pushed over in Ramsey’s excitement would be best.

We are told Ramsey has joint pain. His owner gives him CBD oil (the kind made for pets) and glucosamine. It sounds as though Ramsey would benefit from other therapies to help him get relief. His adopter should be willing and able to give him the vet care he needs for the rest of his days. Ramsey did have a dental just last year and we are told he had a benign growth removed from his mouth.

Because of his arthritis, Ramsey needs a home without too many stairs to climb. This includes stairs going in and out of his home. Getting into and out of a car can be hard on him as well. One should plan on using a ramp or using a car that is lower to the ground to make car rides something Ramsey can continue to enjoy doing.

A home where Ramsey can be inside and go outside as he pleases would be wonderful. We are told he will spend his time hanging out in his yard, or on the couch if allowed to do so in the house. He likes to sleep in his person’s room at night either on the floor or in his crate. Ramsey sounds like a wonderful companion. He will bark at sirens or loud, unfamiliar noises which can sometimes be a bonus as long as you don’t live in a home where a barking dog causes issues with a neighbor.

Ramsey’s new family should be dog savvy people as Ramsey can be stubborn over his toys and does not like “excessive brushing”. But hey, who wants to be “excessively brushed”!!!??? He is described as a very loving boy who lays his head in the lap of his person when watching TV together. He’s a cuddler and has a gentle mouth when taking treats. Unfortunately, his breed puts him at risk to end up in hands that are less than kind.  Ramsey deserves a loving home with a committed adopter who will see that this gentle large breed boy with a giant heart is protected and lives the rest of his days being a cherished member of the family.

Ramsey is located in Milton, WA. For more contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.