Randolph is a big goof! He is an 8 year old Akita who may act like a stubborn puppy but just one pet and he is all yours. He loves to play and, because of his size, any kids in the home should be over 13 years old. Any potential adopters will be required to schedule a meet and greet with any resident canines. It is the shelter’s preference that Randolph’s next home possess knowledge about and experience with Akitas.

Medical info: Randolph had a testicular tumor removed at the time of his neuter. The pathology report said it appears to have been completely removed and he is healing well. Randolph also has some itchy skin and sore hips likely caused by some arthritis. We recommend that his new veterinarian monitor his comfort level and continue with joint supplements.

If you would like to meet this movie star handsome guy, visit the Everett Animal Shelter  from 10-5 daily.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.