After losing his canine companion, Reggie Garth Brooks was being left alone in the backyard all day long. When his people realized how very sad he was they reached out to ODH for help. Reggie is now in an ODH home with a buddy just about his same size. They are get along famously, except when they bicker about who gets to sit closest to Mom. Reggie came to ODH at 13 years old, a Lhasa Apso with extremely bowed legs – thus the name. This gives him a funny gait and, when he gets up a head of steam and runs, his tail spins like a propeller. It also make it hard for him to walk very far, so when he gets tired his foster mom plops him in his stroller and he rides in style. Reggie is a happy, friendly little guy who brings great happiness to his new home.

Update:  Little Reggie’s incredibly strong spirit and will finally couldn’t overcome the pain in his genetically malformed joints. Despite every possible effort by his ODH mom and veterinarian, he was suffering too much. He was such a light in his ODH mom’s life for two years, he will be remembered with great affection.