Smoke was left on a rural property for a very long time. Neighbors kept him fed but finally asked Animal Control to take him because of severe damage to his ears. This very old, gentle and quiet guy was in terrible pain from such longstanding infection that surgery to remove both ear canals was necessary. Thanks to the Maranda Fund, we could provide that specialized surgery and needed postoperative care – and Smoke was finally free of pain. His joints are pretty stiff and he now wears a support harness so that his ODH mom can help him get up and down – but he can motor right along when inspired! We don’t expect that Smoke will be with us for terribly long but he’s happy and far more comfortable now and that makes everyone happy.

Update:  Smoke’s joints and back finally just couldn’t hold him up no matter how determined he was. His family was glad they had nearly a year with this gentle soul at the end of his life.