14 year old Rentas was an intake to Old Dog Haven last month. It was a rough road for Rentas before making it his Final Refuge home. He was surrendered to a local shelter by his longtime family of 12 years. He was adopted out from the shelter and returned not once, but twice! The shelter asked us for assistance. Rentas’ shelter photo just broke our hearts, he looked so down. We cross-posted him for adoption after his first adoption but once he was returned again,  we knew this dear old boy needed to come under our rescue and into a permanent foster home. No more upheaval and change for Rentas!

It is incredible how dogs can adapt to new homes but some can take longer than others. Rentas needed time to settle into his Old Dog Haven home. This is understandable considering all of the moves he made in a matter of months. His forever foster mom told us that now “he loves hanging out with us and our other dogs.”

Rentas arrived with an ear infection and a skin infection. Our hope is that next month he can have a much needed dental. Rentas has lost some weight and he certainly looks comfortable. We are grateful to his forever fosters for giving him the home he needed. Rentas needed to be loved, to be committed to and he certainly needed care in a home he would never lose. Rentas has that now.
We are so happy and so relieved for him.

We have a record number of old dogs under our rescue. All of the dogs we take into our care are in loving, permanent foster homes. Your support, your donations help us continue our mission to rescue senior dogs.

Update:  Dear Chester had 4 1/2 months of love and care before his health failed him.  We are very grateful to his loving foster family for making sure he knew he was loved and giving him the very best care.  This brave boy will be missed.