Princess made her way to Old Dog Haven after living in a boarding kennel for over a year after her owner was admitted to the hospital and could no longer care for her.

Her foster mom tells us what life is like with this energetic girl.

“She was not at all what we thought we were getting in an “old dog” – she was spunky and always ready to go. She knows only one speed and that is non-stop!

“Her name suits her since she rules the house and demands meals on time or else she’s huffing and puffing until she gets what she wants. She LOVES food and if given the chance, she would eat eight hours a day! She loves the sun and is highly addicted to squeaky toys. She is not a lap dog but will lie next to me on the couch, preferably under a blanket. She wakes me up on the weekends when it’s time to eat and does not allow for any sleeping in. She is a creature of habit and loves to walk, hike, and just be on the move. She’s at my feet no matter where I am in the house even blow drying my hair, she’s right there.

“Health-wise, it was known she had a heart murmur and semi-bad teeth when she came to us. Upon intake and an echocardiogram later, she was put on medicine for the murmur and eventually had four teeth extracted. Even surgery didn’t slow her down.

“A few months ago, she had a lump appear on her wrist and it was determined to be a sickle cell tumor and we had to have it removed right away. The lump required removal by a specialty surgeon and due to the location on her body, she then underwent two treatments of specialized electrochemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer. She’s recovered well, and will continue with follow-ups to ensure the cancer has not spread.”

Thanks to Old Dog Haven and all of its supporters, Princess’s medical care will always be a top priority and her family is committed to spoiling her for the rest of her days.

Update:  After 2 1/2 wonderful years, her family had to say goodbye to dear Princess.  They gave her the very best last chapter and she relished every day.  This sweet girl will be forever in our hearts.