Old Dog Haven has been asked to share Ricki for MustLuvBoxers Rescue. Here’s what they have to say about Ricki:

Ricki is a beautiful brindle boxer who is about 8 years old, she weighs about 50 pounds. Ricki has been with us for almost a year and during that time she has been living with one of our more experienced fosters, often along with a couple of other foster dogs. Sadly, Ricki has been overlooked by adopters and has had to sit back and watch a few go their forever homes. We want nothing more than to find Ricki a forever home, as she really deserves a place to call her own where she doesn’t have to share with any other dogs, cats, or kids.

We recently moved Ricki to a foster home where there are no other dogs just to see how she’d do in a family setting; this one specifically is comprised of two adults, no young children, and a cat. We have to tell you she is doing amazing!! What we are seeing is a very sweet senior Boxer gal who loves attention from her people, who absolutely loves to play with toys, fetch to be specific, and who simply gets to live stress-free because she doesn’t have to vie for attention over any other dogs.

Ricki is very smart and her new foster parents tell us that she is quickly learning the household routine after only being there for a week. This girl has a great playful side to her and more energy than would be expected for a Boxer her age. Her foster mom says she would play fetch in the house with her soft squeaky toy for hours if they let her! She just keeps bringing the toy back over and over, and will wait patiently until it gets thrown again.

Ricki is a very happy and wiggly girl now that she’s in a home without other dogs. She’s even ‘learning some new tricks’ as an older dog, like having to wait patiently while her meals are dished up, waiting at thresholds before going out and coming in, and laying down in place while her humans are eating.

Ricki makes some very odd sounds/noises with her voice. Basically, she makes a bulldog type noise that comes from her throat, (as would be from an elongated pallet), mostly when she’s really excited/happy or after playtime while panting. It almost sounds like phlegm that needs to come up, but there isn’t anything there. She’s been seen by a vet and we have been assured there are no health problems causing the noises. They don’t seem to bother Ricki at all.

While Ricki is currently living in a home with a cat, it has been discovered that she and cats will likely never be able to cohabitate freely. It was thought early on that Ricki didn’t have a prey drive, and with animals like birds and squirrels, she typically doesn’t; however, it seems her interest in the cat is at an unsafe level. For now though, both the kitty and Ricki are living under the same roof and being kept apart, and neither are any worse for wear.

Ricki is an extremely sweet, older gal who simply wants to be loved on as the only dog in someone’s life.”

Ricki is posted for MustLuvBoxers Rescue. She is in one of their foster homes in Kirkland, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.