Rubin77 (named for the Seahawks defensive lineman) was a mess when brought “stray” into a shelter. After most of his hair was chopped off, they found a big shih tzu who seemed blind and deaf, very itchy, ataxic, in early kidney failure, with longterm damage to his ears. Just our kind of dog…. so he joined a Final Refuge home. He wasn’t actually blind, but his eyes were very damaged from “dry eye” – he saw a specialist and careful use of prescription drops improved his vision a good deal. We opened up his ear canals a bit and fixed his nasty anal gland infection and stopped his itching with meds.

Rubin became a much more comfortable tank of a dog who slept a great deal but then lurched around with great enthusiasm and loved poking around the yard and the big pasture. He enjoyed riding along in the car and tolerated all the vet visits.

We lost him suddenly, and miss that great face watching for treat time. Rest in peace, big guy.

e-Rubin shih tzu EAS

Dear Rubin in the shelter