Meet Ruby:

Ruby is a 12 year old black lab with a huge heart.  When she first came to Old Dog Haven it was thought that she had issues with her liver.  However, after good medical care, the proper medications and  getting settled in, her blood work is looking much better.

She settled right in with her new forever home with her fur sister and 2 cat siblings. Her fosters  were told she had never been around cats and that was obvious once she met the 2 cats. The look on her face was one of confusion. Since then she has accepted them as her friends though she is still not completely sure what they are.

Ruby has so much energy and loves to play catch – it is wonderful to watch her get comfortable in her new home. She also loves water.  Her new family is still discovering more and more of her wonderful personality.  Recently they found out that  she knows  how to “play dead” and LOVES her treats.

Her new family looks forward to sharing their home with Ruby for a (hopefully) very long time!

Update:  Sweet Ruby’s health issues finally became too much and her Final Refuge family had to say good-bye.  She was a very special girl and is greatly missed.