From her Final Refuge family:

Widget came to us from a local shelter and we think she is Shih Tzu and/or Lhasa Apso mix. She weighed just 9.8 pounds, and smelled bad even though she had just had a bath.  Also, she and acted like everything hurt and she really could care less.  She seemed to say “Please just let me sleep.”  Little Widget peed everywhere, all of the time and we thought for a few days she was not potty trained. She snuffled and snored and approached food like she hadn’t seen it for a long time and would probably never see it again.

Records show that she was in the shelter in 2011 as a stray and was then spayed and adopted. She showed up on the streets as a stray again in January of 2020. We think she is around 12 years old.   Now, she has been bathed and groomed and fed and weighs about 11.5 pounds – a much better weight for her. Her little face always seems surprised and she shows a little attitude about having her nails trimmed or wearing a sweater, but other than that she seems to be starting to accept us as kind humans.

It does make you wonder what this poor little thing has been through.  We are very glad to have her in our home and watch her transformation and her developing personality.  Thank you Old Dog Haven for making sure this girl gets the very best veterinary care and a loving home.

Update:  Dear Widget didn’t have nearly long enough with her new family before they had to let her go.  But she knew she was safe and loved and sometimes that’s the very best we can do.