This old black and white Lab mix girl had a history of being abandoned by her owner. She’d be picked up as a stray, sent to the shelter, and eventually retrieved by a family member and returned to her owner. But after a few too many incidences of abandonment, Sadie arrived at the shelter and no one came to pick her up. Fortunately, Sadie finally caught the break she needed and came into ODH care.

Sadie is estimated to be 14 years old. Because she had experienced a life of inconsistency, she arrived at ODH very skinny and with a number of health concerns that hadn’t been addressed. Sadie had fatty tumors on her stomach and a tumor on the left side of her head. The stomach tumors turned out to be benign, but the tumor on her head was found to be cancerous. This tumor has restricted Sadie’s range of motion in her head and jaw, but her new forever ODH mom says that Sadie handles it all with good spirits. Sadie has adapted a strategy of making “little, itty-bitty yawns” instead of regular big yawns (which her mom finds just adds to her adorableness), but otherwise doesn’t seem to let the tumor or anything else get her down. In fact, her mom reports that Sadie’s always happy and just loves being around people.

Sadie’s mom also reports that she was smitten with Sadie right away and that they have become life companions. She relates that, “Even for an old gal, Sadie loves to be active and enjoys her walks in the parks, rolling around in the grass, and shuffling up to sniff all the other dogs she meets.” Apparently, Sadie loves to sneak into her mom’s bed whenever she gets the chance, and her mom has no idea how she’s able to jump up there at her age! She says, “Sadie continuously shows that you can teach old dogs new tricks…or at least that old dogs can be tricky!”

Because of your support of Old Dog Haven, this silly and fun-loving girl –and other old dogs like her–is thriving in her new life and will never need to worry about being left alone again. Sadie will live out the rest of her life being loved and spoiled every day, getting great veterinary care, and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet…with the occasional cheeseburger. Because, Who’s a good girl?!

Update:  Sadly, the tumor on Sadie’s head grew too rapidly and we were not able to keep giving her a good quality of life.  With much regret, her mom said goodbye.  This old gal made the very best of the short time she had with her new family and loved every minute!  She will be greatly missed.