“Hi Everyone! My name is Sadie. I am a golden retriever mix who weighs 55 pounds. I came from out of state (Texas to be exact) so no one knows my true age for sure but the best guess is 8.5 years old. My person adopted me in 2018 but sadly she has passed away so I’m in search of an adopter who will love and keep me forever.

​”For the past 6 years I have not lived with other dogs, it was just my human and I. However, I am good with other dogs and gentle children. I am curious about kitties, I’d like to try to play with them but they don’t always feel the same way! The only time I get cranky is when another animal tries to get into my food bowl. Heck! ​ Who wants someone messing with their food, anyway? Just feed me away from others and I am good.

​”I am really fortunate that my human caregiver took me in and is giving me a place to stay while she helps me find a forever home. She will tell you that I have good manners. I am well potty trained. I will bark with the other dogs when they bark. I am enjoying this place! I think I’d make an excellent addition to a family. The vets that have met me have all said what a nice girl I am. It’s in my vet records multiple times, what a good girl I am!

​”Speaking of vets…I will need to stay on heartworm preventative for the rest of my life. It’s just one of those issues we dogs from the south have to worry about. I have tested heartworm negative! I get achy after playing hard. I receive a joint supplement every day for that. Once I tore a cruciate, it has healed since but I didn’t have surgery for it. This happens to a lot of dogs, so please don’t let that dissuade you from considering me. I will limp sometimes but there is help! I have been getting a shot called Librela to help with my aches. I also tested positive for a tick-borne disease. I have had no symptoms though, I may have been carrying this for a long time, it happens! You can talk to your vet more about all of this. When considering adoption, one should always be able to commit to  a dog’s care. I can tell you I will most definitely make it worth your while! I am a loyal, loving friend.

​”Stairs can be hard though I can climb them currently. Ideally I’d not have to take them every day. I really enjoy getting out for a walk each day. I love sniffing everything and I do pretty good while I’m on leash. I like to hang out inside the house during the day, I find a spot on the floor to sleep at night. I am not a high-maintenance girl.

​”My very kind and thoughtful caretaker says I am “a loving and calm dog, just a good dog!”​ I sure ho​p​e someone out there will see me and want to share their love, life, and home with me.”

Sadie is located in Tumwater, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Sadie is not an Old Dog Haven dog. Old Dog Haven has not assessed this dog for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.