Hi! My name is Salty Dog or Salty for short. I am a 9-pound maltese and everyone tells me I am the cutest little girl ever! Somehow (it’s all confusing to me) I ended up without a home, but then Old Dog Haven came along and brought me to this really great foster home. It has been wonderful here but they tell me it isn’t my Forever Home, so I am looking for just the perfect place. It needs to have LOTS of squeaky toys. And children old enough to know the right way to play with me–I love gentle children! And lots of activity and things to do. Lots of walks and lots of car rides (cabin fever is the pits). And another dog friend or two (I don’t think I’ve ever met a “cat”).

Some things to know about me. I am only about 8 years old at the most, not really a senior for a little dog. It’s kind of embarrassing but I had to have all my teeth pulled–I guess I never learned good dental habits. Some other things I never learned before coming to my foster home were what they call “housebreaking” and good manners on a leash. I have worked REALLY hard and I am doing so well on these things, but I need someone who will continue to work with me, patiently explain when I don’t understand, maybe take me to a class or two. My foster mom says I am really smart and I really want to do the right thing. On my wish list might be a dog door so I can go out whenever I need to. I am pretty healthy now and I don’t take any medication. I was born, I found out, with a heart problem, but I’ve had some special surgery and now the doctor says my “prognosis is excellent” (I think that is a good thing).

If you have LOTS of squeaky toys, time to play, and most of the other things on my wish list maybe you are my Forever Home. If you are, let Old Dog Haven know. Thanks!

Salty Dog is in foster care in Bellingham WA.

Please contact office@oldoghaven.org for more information about adoption.