Sammy – probably a Shih Tzu mix – was left at a shelter with his buddy when their owner went into a care facility. Not an uncommon story except that Sammy was 18 and his buddy was 14 according to their vet records! Even more amazing is how lively and agile little Sammy still is (just watch him climb over a baby-gate, via the back of a sleeping Labrador). He adjusted to a temporary foster home easily and has fit in really well to his Final Refuge home where he’s enjoying a lot of love and a little spoiling. Some of these old guys really surprise us with how “young” they get when life is good, who knows how long he may decide to stick around.

Update:  Sammy decided to stick around for 4 more years, celebrating last fall with a big 21st Birthday party and finally coming to the end of his journey at what was likely 22 years old. Truly amazing and a credit to his amazingly strong constitution and to his ODH mom who kept him happy and comfortable through the end of a very long life. He will not be forgotten.