Scooter came into the shelter in really bad shape. He had a strange tumor hanging from his chin and he had been extremely neglected; he was found with open sores and maggots, his hair matted and filthy. On that first day, his foster mom took him home, bathed him and then brought him to her vet. As they waited to be seen, Scooter sat on his foster mom’s lap and then leaned into her chest closely. This was a dog that had once been loved and still had the desire to be close to people. Scooter bonded quickly to his foster mom and became her ride along buddy, he suffered from separation anxiety so they spent very little time apart. Scooter was mostly blind but you couldn’t tell it, he was smart and loved to play with toys and go on walks. Scooter developed glaucoma, a prostrate tumor was found and he started to slip into dementia. It was sad to see what had been a vibrant, active dog now painful, lethargic and confused. With sadness, the decision was made to set Scooter’s spirit free. On his last day, his foster mom spent most of the day holding Scooter close just as she had on his first day with her. “You will be remembered always dear Scooter, until we meet again.”