Raleigh, a Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix, landed in a shelter after his owner died. He didn’t look or act like an old dog, but at 12 or 13 his age deterred adopters so ODH was asked to take him. Still cheerful despite his shelter stay, he attached quickly to his foster mom and canine foster sister. He didn’t like to be alone but was content to spend the workday with the other dogs. He was overweight and his vet work-up revealed an enlarged heart which can be unpredictable, though the condition didn’t slow him down. Raleigh enjoyed walks and the dog park, which helped get him down to a healthier weight. He had a mischievous side, thought having mom chase him was a fun game and it frequently took a little subterfuge to corral him when it was time to leave the dog park. Raleigh loved people and was a wonderful ambassador for Old Dog Haven, attending many, many outreach events and making many friends. Quite the flirt, he quickly learned that treats are often on hand at these occasions and he perfected an intense, hopeful look that was often successful. He was great with new fosters as well as dogs he met at events, liked to greet dogs with kisses. After almost 4 years in his foster home, Raleigh’s liver and digestive system began to fail. This charismatic little dog, who charmed so many, leaves a very big hole in his foster home. His foster mom is very grateful for the time with him.