Scout is such a handsome boy! He’s a 23 pound sheltie/ terrier mix who will turn 9 years old this May 2021. Scout is described as a playful, affectionate dog. He has lived well with other dogs and cats. What Scout doesn’t appreciate are young children. Kids under 5 years old make Scout nervous and he has snapped at them. Scout has never bitten but does give warning when they come too close with a growl. Growling is a dog’s way of warning; it doesn’t mean they are “bad”. You’d much rather a dog warn then not give any warning at all!  The issue is, young children don’t understand a dog’s signals. Scout will be much, much happier in a home without young children.

Scout has not had any recent vet care. His adopter must be willing and able to afford his vetting, including vaccines upon his adoption. We are told he seems to have some pain in his hip at times so it’d be great if Scout’s new family would help him out with that. That could be something as easy as a joint supplement.  Scout can manage stairs and he enjoys short walks. According to his current family he is good on leash and he knows basic commands. Scout will do well in a home with a fenced yard. He DOES bark, he IS part terrier afterall!  Scout needs a home where his barking won’t cause trouble with neighbors.

Currently Scout can manage quite a while before needing a potty break. He is fine to stay alone- but not in a crate- when the humans must leave the house. One must remember, he’s used to having a friendly canine companion, that can sometimes help a dog feel more secure. Scout sounds like a sweet dog who will make a nice buddy for someone. It’d be great for him to find his new home very soon.

Scout is located in Yelm, WA. For contact information please email: 

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.