Ali is a gentle giant who weighs 99 pounds. He is guessed to be 13 years old and said to be a lab/boxer mix. Ali has been good with other dogs, cats and he is great with children who are gentle and respectful of him.

As one would expect in a dog his age, Ali has arthritis. For this he takes a daily anti-inflammatory and pain medication. His adopter must be committed to continuing this for Ali’s comfort and they must be willing and able to afford his vet care and good quality dog food. Ali’s eyes are cloudy with age and we are told his hearing seems to be OK still. At this time Ali can still manage stairs but ideally, a home without too many for him to climb regularly would be ideal.

Ali sounds like a really wonderful dog. He is loving and thinks of himself as a lap dog! Ali can stay alone while his people are away, he does this in the comfort of his kennel. He is accustomed to having company most of the day so the hope is he will find another home where his person or people will be around more often than not. Ali would more than likely be happy in a home with another friendly, mellow dog to keep him company. Ali will let you know when a car passes by with a bark. We’re told Ali gets occasional bursts of playfulness when he can be spunky. Can you imagine how sweet it is to see a big old boy like Ali play?

A home with a fenced yard for Ali is best. He enjoys time out in his yard for exploring. Ali doesn’t get out for daily walks now but he may enjoy short walks with his new family. We are told Ali is good on leash. Ali is a pretty chill dog for the most part;  he enjoys laying on the couch with his person. Ali has always been and should always be a dog who spends his time inside a home, only going outside when he needs or wants to.

Ali is located in Olympia, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.