Scout came into a shelter at 15, went to a foster home there and then at 16 found himself on the brink of homelessness again. He joined his ODH family as a very old man and made himself at home right away. After a year, at 17, he has some lumps and bumps and has slowed down, but is still a basically healthy boy. We continue to work on his chronic ear infections – but such great ears require extra care! Who knows how long this very old man has left but he is happy and enjoying life.

Scout doesn’t know that he’s 17 years old. He may be slowing down a bit, but he still loves his daily walks with his
brothers and sisters. He is the resident nurse to the other dogs: If someone isn’t feeling well, Scout will sit by their side and, if needed, do the necessary grooming to their face or ears. Whatever it takes to make them feel better…he is true friend to everyone. He is an easy-going guy who is quiet and calm….unless there is something on the counter top.
He is a champion counter surfer who will stop at nothing to get the prize. He also adores garbage pails in every shape and size…. The other dogs, who tower over him, stand back and watch Scout do what he does best. Of course, they are
hoping for a piece of the pie once it hits the floor. This old man has had way too many life changes in recent years and we are sad about that. We can’t change his past but we can promise him that for now and always he is home. He is here to stay and we will love him every single day for the rest of his life.

Update:  Scout’s last months were particularly happy, the center of his ODH family’s life.   At between 17 and 18 years old his body gave out and he left behind only a lot of happy memories.