Little Kane, a charming Rat Terrier, came into the shelter looking pretty darn ratty. His ears, eyes and skin were all damaged from neglected infections and allergies. The shelter made a lot of progress on his ears and eyes but when he came to his ODH home he was still missing hair on his legs especially. By that time he was a very sad and anxious fellow. That changed as soon as he knew he was safe and welcome – he just moved in and snuggled up. Catching some sun is his favorite thing besides cuddling. This little guy just adores his ODH mom and the feeling is mutual. He gets medicated baths and a careful diet and will probably need allergy meds off and on, but he feels a great deal better and is SO happy. The look on his face and his body posture has changed – just the thing to make us smile.

Update:  As much as he wanted to have more time with his ODH mom, little Kane simply could hang on no longer. He was such a dear friend and will be very much missed.