Say hello to Shrek, a very handsome shepherd mix who weighs about 80 pounds. At not quite 9 years old, he enjoys playing fetch and tug a war. Shrek spent a few years seeing dogs come and go from his home-his family used to run a rescue. We are told he usually ignores other dogs; he has never lived with cats. Shrek would be best in a home with kids age 7 years old and over. He enjoys going for short walks. Shrek has been known to pull while on leash-this is a large dog so one must be strong enough to manage his size. A home with a fenced yard would be great for Shrek as he appreciates exploring and getting out to free the yard of squirrels and birds. He can still do stairs but as time goes on that could change.

Shrek is a smart boy! He knows some verbal commands and he knows how to use a dog door. Shrek has had some spinal issues in the past which has been helped with joint supplement and pain medication as needed. He needs an inexpensive thyroid supplement daily, something that is very common in dogs as they age. Shrek loves his people; he will follow them from room to room. He’s a lady’s man; he loves women but can take a little more time to warm up to a man-unless they ignore HIM! He’s not used to being left alone much but he is said to be fine when his people leave the house. Shrek is happy to welcome you home upon your return-no one gives a welcome home like a dog can. This big boy sounds like a really nice dog who needs to find a home soon.

Shrek is in Covington, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.