“My story is one you have heard before: my loving owner passed away, her extended family took me in but no one is able to commit to me for the rest of my life. My name is Skipper and I’m 12 years old. People tell me I am a Scottish Terrier mix. I weigh 23 pounds; I am a neutered male.

“Since my person passed, I’m been to various family members’ homes and I have been on my best behavior. I really try hard to be a good boy. I had never lived with other dogs until I had to live with my extended family. I’ve gotten along pretty well with these dogs. I’ve never been observed around cats or kids though.

“My owner had health issues so we didn’t go for regular walks.  I get to go for walks now and I will tell you that I really enjoy them! I admit to getting excited while on leash and I will pull but we are working on that. Sometimes when you love someone you show your love with food-my lady did that. This made me a chubby boy but her family is helping me lose weight through exercise, diet and my thyorid pills I take every day. My energy level is so much better now, I feel like a new dog!

“I was used to keeping my lady company most all of the time but I’ve learned to be OK staying alone at home. Of course now I have the company of other dogs. If you have a friendly dog already, maybe we could be friends? I can manage quite a while without needing a potty break and I can do stairs too. If I had my choice, a home with someone who is home often would be peachy!

“It’d be real nice if I found a home with someone who’d let me share the bed with them again. I really just want to please my person and be around them. I’ve heard them call me “a velcro dog”, whatever that means…But I’m very adaptable, well mannered and I’m not too barky. I’m ready and waiting for my true forever home in Woodinville, WA.”

Skipper is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.  For his caregiver’s contact information, please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org