Snickers was a dear little yorkie with a Napoleon Complex. We believe Snickers’ tough attitude is what helped him through 2 different shelter stays and a multitude of health problems. Much like the emperor he thought he was, Snickers enjoyed the female canine companions in his foster home but he did make buddies of some of the boys too. Most of all he loved his foster mom; she feels honored to have been the object of his devotion. He was a funny dog who loved to eat and after meals he would find a stuffed dog toy to carry around in his mouth. Snickers would run and jump from dog bed to dog bed all the while keeping a toy as big as him in his mouth. He enjoyed going on walks and making the blankets on his beds “just right” before finally laying down. Snickers had such a fun personality, he made us smile and laugh every day with his antics. As sad as it was to say goodbye to Snickers, we knew it was the kindest thing to do for him. We are especially grateful to Dr. Jones of Northwest Animal Eye Specialists for seeing him on his last day and making sure he had what he needed to stay comfortable until he was sent on. We are thankful to Old Dog Haven for allowing us to make Snickers a part of our family. And we are grateful to donors who helped provide all of the care he needed during his stay with us.

Snickers yorkie WR1-082716