Little Izzy our “wind-up toy schnauzer” was left at a shelter at age 13, looking pretty darn helpless and bedraggled. The only vet records available said that she’d had a stroke in 2012; we later guessed that it was a “slipped disc”episode that caused her strange C-shaped posture, odd crab-like gait, and general weakness. Izzy’s coat was half missing and she was extremely thin, so a big male staff member carried her around in the shelter until we came to pick her up. This little dog, however frail, didn’t lack for attitude or personality! She loved laps whether under another layer of schnauzers or not, she trundled all over the house and property, she ate every berry growing in the yard no matter how far she had to climb or burrow to get it. She was a pet store (= puppy mill) dog who’d been debarked but still managed to shout at us continually when it was time to eat/get snacks/eat again…. In the first month she had a terrifying episode of bloat, we discovered that she suffered from IBD so thereafter ate 5 small hypoallergenic meals a day – with great gusto, and served ON TIME. Eleven months after she came to us, it was clear that the spinal damage was worsening and getting around became much harder. The pain in her neck finally overcame her, despite all the medications and therapies. This 10-pound little creature was a huge presence in our family and leaves a large hold. How glad we were to have known her!