The Lady of the House … The Lady of Our Hearts

Sparrow came into a shelter very underfed and with a host of medical issues.  She was abandoned and we were sure she was not going to make it past a week or two.  She was so frail and small that she was given the name Sparrow.

When we took her in, we thought we’d give her a warm home and lots of love and kindness for the few weeks she had left.

That two to three weeks turned into months, then years.  In actuality, after a few months Sparrow’s appetite had roared to life and she had started to put on weight.  The medical checkups and medications she was put on gave Sparrow a new lease on life, as Sparrow began to flourish in her new home.  Her Ladyship barked for her meals, letting her humans know she was not to miss a meal.  She found the perfect spot of sun to nap in, the lushest  patch of grass to roll and scratch herself with, and the comfiest of beds to lay on.  She was the Lady Grantham of our house.  She was sweet old dame of our hearts.

Still, Sparrow had a lot of medical issues she was fighting.  Joint pains.  Eye issues.  Skin allergies.  The list of medical needs was long.  But she was not in pain and seemed to have kept each medical issue at bay.

Sadly, after 2 ½ years, her body could no longer continue the fight.  On October 21, 2017, we made the agonizing decision to let our Sparrow go.  We miss her very much.  She will always be in our hearts.