When Stacey was in the shelter, all she wanted was a soft place to lie down. A volunteer brought her a blanket to cushion her frail body from the hard floor. Whenever she could, Stacey would curl up in the volunteer’s lap and dream about a home of her own. When Stacey left the shelter for her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home, she was weak and nervous. Would the dogs in her new home like her? Would she have a bed? Would anyone try to hurt her? At her new home, Stacey quickly relaxed and bonded with her new family, which includes four other dogs, five cats and four horses–plus plenty of dog beds, couches and chairs to snuggle on. She quickly went from being frail and frightened to joyful and playful. But just when things were going  well, Stacey faced another crisis–she got sick. A few months after moving to her Final Refuge home, Stacey needed to have her spleen removed–major, expensive surgery, with a 50% chance she would not survive past a month. Fortunately, Old Dog Haven was able to save her life a second time by
paying for her surgery, and Stacey made a full recovery. Now Stacey gets to spend the rest of her life in a happy, comfortable home surrounded by furry friends. Sometimes she’s so happy she tries to jumps up the steps and falls on her face. Sometimes she likes to wedge herself behind the couch cushions to have a good sleep. Stacey is so grateful she got a second chance at a happy life.

Update:  Stacey was able to bounce back so many times when we thought she was at the end.    Sometimes when the vets could never find out even what was wrong, but this tough old lady recovered and went on to another happy day and week and month.  Finally, she just couldn’t. She leaves so many happy memories and so many smiles.

e-Stacey labx comfortable 0316