Squeekers came into the care of Old Dog Haven during the summer. She was declared unadoptable due to several health problems, including one blind eye, infected teeth, as well as failing kidneys and liver. Once Squeekers was settled into her Final Refuge home the ODH magic began!

By the end of the year, Squeekers had had a dental, and her kidney and liver issues were stabilized. Today she lives in an ODH home with three other dogs. Her favorite activities are long walks, and zooming around the house with her dog sisters! Once a month her favorite groomer gives her a nice warm bath, and trims back all the long hairs. Squeeker’s ODH mom says that she is very friendly and sweet, but she would rather not snuggle. She is very independent, and prefers to sleep on a dog bed close to the humans and other dogs.

Squeekers requires medication twice a day, and regular veterinary check ups in order to keep her health stabilized. Please consider sponsoring this sweet girl to help keep her in good health and good spirits!