Squirrel is a feisty herding dog mix with a cat’s nine lives. She was found at a remote rural dump site in very poor condition: skinny with missing hair, dermatitis, and numerous mammary tumors spread down both chains, a consequence from having not been spayed. Once in the shelter, it was determined that she was likely 12 years old and also had severe renal failure. Being an overly anxious girl, she did not tolerate shelter life well, crouching and crawling on walks.

Fortunately, an ODH foster who went to the shelter one day to evaluate seniors decided to spring her. Squirrel leaped fast and high into the transport crate, earning her new name! Unfortunately, Squirrel soon went into heat and developed an obstruction to her urinary tract. She was taken for urgent spay and resection of her mammary tumors, but due to the risk of the procedure and number of tumors, not all were removed. The day after the surgery, Squirrel suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Emergency surgery was performed, blood was transfused, and her spleen removed, as a tumor was found during the exploration.

Though she was given poor odds for survival, Squirrel pulled through in her usual fashion – fast and frisky! Squirrel is a very energetic and quirky-fun dog, but due to her anxiety and chronic renal failure, she will stay in her Final Refuge home for life. She has to urinate every one-two hours, as she cannot concentrate her urine, and she takes medication for an inflammatory skin condition. She loves tennis balls, hours of fetch, playtime at Dogwood Play Park, every dog bed in the house, and anything food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Squirrel would not be alive today without the generosity of Old Dog Haven donors and the ODH Maranda Fund.

Update:  The amazing Squirrel defied all odds to have a wonderful time in her ODH home – brightening up the room wherever she was and warming her foster mom’s heart on a daily basis.  Suddenly, however, her physical issues caught up with her and she was sent on her way with much love.  She will truly be missed!