Stella is a beautiful australian shepherd/lab mix with a stubby aussie tail, an absolute joy for her ODH family. Coming to us with really horrifying large growths on her back and terrible skin, plus a heart arrhythmia, she was a mess. After getting her skin and coat back to good health, a dermatologist was able to remove the growths with the laser and within a month she was on her way to a lovely coat and healthy skin. A lot of work, but what a nice result! Now Stella is deaf, almost toothless, and afraid of linoleum floors. She loves grooming, car rides, her rescue brother Trampas, snacks, flannel coats and naps. Her bark is adorable, and she makes friends easily. She has her own carpeted basket at Home Depot, with her name on it. Her ODH family is so happy that sweet Stella had a second chance.

Update: Stella Black’s journey came to an end when her age caught up with her.    Arthritis, spinal problems, and liver disease finally were too much and she was sent on her way with a great deal of love.

StellaBlack 0714-2-FR