Stimpy – aka Warrior Princess

This adorable, albeit a little funny looking, girl showed up at the shelter with early kidney disease and an atrociously rotten mouth. A waif of a thing at 6 pounds 7 ounces she was silent and confused. Old Dog Haven (ODH) stepped in and with the proper vetting, and love from her forever foster folks, her health stabilized allowing her fearless personality to emerge. Once the pain in her mouth was relieved (a dental removed all but 2 of her teeth), this utterly silent dog found her voice. Thankfully it is not an unpleasant one as she barks quite a bit at both real and imagined foes. Her playful yet regal style of repose and movement combined with her undaunting bravery led her foster dad to name her the Warrior Princess.

Stimpy will require a prescription diet along with consistent veterinary oversite and treatment for her kidney disease but the rest of her life will be free from strife and filled with love. Thanks to the support of ODH volunteers and donors.

Five months of work by her foster family and her veterinarian have resulted in a 3-pound weight gain (almost a 45% increase) and a lovely coat growing in.

Update:  Dear Stimpy’s health failed and her family had to say goodbye.  She was an amazing girl and will be greatly missed.