I have no idea how a half-blind, hard-of-hearing, 4lb dog could survive on the street, but Hamilton, Hammie for short, was brought to a shelter as a stray, infested with fleas and missing a good portion of his fur. His first exam in ODH care revealed a mature cataract and developing glaucoma, for which he will see an ophthalmologist. He was also found to have significant degenerative disc disease, possibly resulting in his occasional “sideways” gait. Hammie also received a badly needed dental. Most of his remaining teeth were abcessed and were all extracted, except one.

Hammie arrived to his new home full of spunk. Within about a week, this little dynamo decided he was going to be in charge. He loves to talk and always has quite a bit to say to cyclists, passersby, and to his new siblings—the resident cats and two other Final Refuge dogs Molly and Macie. Hammie has a very enthusiastic bedtime ritual, rolling all around on his back while Molly and Macie watch, I imagine with eyebrows raised, until he settles down and they can all find their spot under the covers.

Hamilton is already a big part of the family and very much loved.

Update:  Tiny Hamily was much loved in his Final Refuge home, but finally his health faded and it was time to let him go.  For such a small little fellow, he was a very special part of his family and will be greatly missed.