My name is Suzie Q. Don’t you remember, you are never supposed to ask senior ladies their age or weight? Well, I will confess, in my 13 years I have probably had a few too many treats and haven’t been keeping up with my exercise routine, but my foster mom is working on both situations. I don’t mind going to the doggy beauty parlor at all, they said I was the sweetest thing ever. I don’t even mind getting in the car with a little help and going for a drive. My foster mom says I need to be out more for a few little short walks, and I am doing pretty good at that.

I like most every person I meet, but I’m really not fond of the smaller young ones..they are just too busy for me and sometimes I just want a peaceful nap. I really like curling up in a cozy dog bed and I love to go outside when there’s warm sunshine or even just a day when there’s no rain. I am getting more exercise by just following my humans around cause I really like to be near them and see what they are up to. I like it when I get brushed, I love back scratches, and even belly rubs. Sometimes I even like a lap to curl up on or lay on the sofa next to a human, but I won’t do this unless I’m invited. I don’t mind other dogs either..well.. I get along just fine with my foster mom’s and they keep me company when the people can’t be home. No crate or kennel for me because I do know how to be good.

I am in really pretty good health, right now just working on that darn “weight” issue..but I know, I still have lots and lots of love to give if you have lots and lots of love to give to me. This change was sad for me, I had been with my humans since I was born until they got sick. But now I’m hoping I will soon find a new home for the rest of my life.

Suzie Q is posted for Furbaby Rescue and is fostered in Lacey, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.