Meet Tank, an 11 year old golden retriever. At 60 pounds, Tank is not a physically big dog but he sounds like he’s large on love! He has lived with another dog all of his life and done fine when his family leaves the house because his dog buddy has kept him company. Tank is friendly with other dogs so a home with a canine pal would be very nice for him. He has lived with cats and kids too and been a good boy with both. As one would expect for a golden Tank’s age, he has some arthritis so gentle children only, please! Stairs are hard for Tank to manage. Perhaps some joint supplement and getting out for short walks would help Tank move better and more often. He spends most of his time lounging around indoors or outside. Tank does take daily thyroid medication which is very common in older dogs. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with a golden retriever, you can appreciate the dog that Tank is: loving, gentle, good with everyone and a dog who will lay his head on you just to be close.

Tank is living in Edmonds, WA., ready to be welcomed to his new home.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.