Tessa came into one of our vet clinics when her elderly owner asked that she be euthanized and our vet called us instead.    She was 14, perky and friendly but dripping urine.   As we guessed, she had bladder stones that we had removed in the morning….  this is such a familiar story.    No, the dog hasn’t “forgotten” her housetraining, she’s just in horrible pain.    Tessa’s “accidents” stopped in 3 days after surgery and she joined the family.     She was very quiet for a schnauzer but still had that familiar shriek when warranted – which means when seeing another dog out walking or in the waiting room.

Tessa enjoyed poking ​around outside and especially meals, but started being a bit confused which we thought must be dementia beginning.     When a horrible smell suddenly came from her mouth we found the tumors eating away at her lip and cheeks.

We said goodbye very sadly, wishing we had more than two months with this dear sweet girl.