Meet dear Amelia!

Amelia was yet another stray picked up by a shelter with no record of where she was from or what her story was.  Also, the shelter did not have access to a veterinarian, so Old Dog Haven had no idea of the little girl’s health when they agreed to take her into one of their foster homes – all we knew was that she was supposed to be deaf, was emaciated and her coat was very long and matted.

When she arrived at her new forever home, she wasted no time in starting a new life.  She attached very quickly to her new mom and dad and got along great with her new pack mates – with the exception of Gracie, a lovely young collie.  Maybe it was because Gracie was so much bigger, but for the first couple of weeks, Amelia would charge Gracie and bark (however, her bark sounds more like a seal).  Gracie seemed amused and tried a few play bows to see if the odd little dog wanted to play.  Now, after some time has passed, it seems that Amelia is actually wanting to play.

When out in the yard, she leaps onto the patio like a little deer and leaps and spins waiting to get in the back door.   Amelia is happiest on your lap or laying right beside you – and she loves to sleep in bed under the covers at night with her ‘sister’ Ella Mae.

Amelia is 15 years old according to her microchip and hears very little – but she watches closely and follows her folks around wherever they go.

ODH made sure Amelia had a good vet workup and most of the results were quite good.  She does have elevated kidney values, so is being treated for an infection and is on a special kidney diet – hopefully that will help keep her as healthy as possible for a long time to come.

Amelia’s new family is thrilled to have her and she makes them laugh on a daily basis – she also makes it clear that she is thrilled to be in her new home too.

From her new family:  “We are once again, deeply thankful to Old Dog Haven for allowing us to care for one of their amazing pups.  Amelia is very special.”

Update:  After over 10 wonderful months, Amelia’s kidney disease increased dramatically over just a few days.  After lots of cuddles and loving lap time, she let us know it was time, so we said a very loving good-bye and let our dear girl move on – likely to hang out with her sister Ophelia.

Dearest one, you will be in our hearts forever.  We were blessed to have you in our lives….  Mom and Dad

Amelia in the shelter

Amelia at home