Tony is a little Pomeranian who came to ODH from a shelter’s temporary foster home at about 13 years old.  He had several medical issues that needed to be addressed quickly: serious dental disease; chronic cough; thinning coat and skin infections, terribly overgrown toenails with one dewclaw growing into the skin; and skin issues plus permanently luxating patellas.  Thanks to ODH, he began a series of vet visits which helped this dear boy be much more comfortable!

Today, Tony is an extremely well-informed and opinionated Pomeranian. He was certainly a Swiss Stationmaster in a past life, as this man watches the clock like no one else.  This is fortunate as his foster mom cannot do anything on time!

Tony has settled right in and is now completely at home!   He also enjoys giving lectures on the TED circuit (Tony Educates Dummies) on a range of topics. He is an expert on everything from Landscape Design to Competitive Eating and is famous for his bonhomie and the downright enthusiasm with which he delivers his many opinions.

(You can see his foster brother, Colonel Mustard in the background.)

Update:  After almost exactly two years, we finally had to say goodbye to dear Tony.  He was quite a delightful character and will be greatly missed.