Darla, a beautiful 13 y.o. German Shepherd came to Old Dog Haven after being passed around and often living much of her life outdoors. When we were asked to take her, she’d not had vet care in years.   An ODH home stepped up but when she arrived after a long trip she was terribly sore and unable to stand. Our vet found disc disease and suspected that degenerative myelopathy might be involved also.   Besides pain medication, supplements and a course of steroids, she is now starting on acupuncture/laser therapy which seems to be helping.

Darla was seen by a vet and x-rays showed she had severe disc problems in her back and a suspected case of degenerative myelopathy, which is a progressive deterioration of the spinal cord. The X-rays also revealed that she had a large mass pressing up against her stomach. She was put on medications to relieve her pain and increase her mobility. She is now wearing a special harness that allows her foster family to assist her in getting around.

Old Dog Haven is committed to providing the best medical care to our senior dogs and we are happy to report that last Friday, Darla started a course of steroids, acupuncture and laser therapy. She is already walking better and we hope this treatment will continue to make her stronger and more comfortable.

Darla’s foster mom told us that she has the sweetest disposition of any dog they have ever had. She now spends her days napping inside and loves her bonding time with her foster dad who sits on the floor and brushes her every evening.

We are so happy Darla has finally found her forever home when she needed it the most. Your support makes it possible to change the lives of deserving old dogs like Darla!

Update: Update: Darla has been with us 3 1/2 months now.  She only needs the Help-Em-Up harness for getting in the car (she loves car rides).  We use a small sling to help her get in/out of the house.  This improvement is due to long term prednisone, not ideal but after trying the acupuncture and laser we found what works best.

Final Update:  Sadly, her family had to say goodbye to sweet Darla much too soon.  She had some wonderful months of love and the best care and sometimes that is all we can do.  She is greatly missed.

Getting brushed by Dad is good!

Looking cool getting treatment