10 year old Tootsie is a delightful 10 pound mix of terriers; reportedly Cairn and Yorkshire terrier. Tootsie lost her person of 8 years recently when her owner passed away. Her owner’s daughter graciously took her in but she cannot keep Tootsie indefinitely. 
Tootsie has spent time with another dog.  A recent unfortunate experience with an aggressive large dog has made it so Tootsie is fearful of large dogs. A dog her size or smaller that would be mellow and friendly would be the only possible way Tootsie could live with another dog.  The belief is she’d prefer a home where she is the only dog. She has lived with cats but will growl at the cat in her current home when the cat has something she wants. Tootsie has never been observed around children. 
At this time Tootsie can be left alone while crated. She needs a potty break every 3-4 hours. She will have occasional “accidents” so one will need to be patient and committed to getting Tootsie on a potty schedule. She can last all through the night without requiring a potty break.
Tootsie can do stairs and she likes to run around the house or outside in her fenced yard. We are told that Tootsie is great on leash and that she enjoys short walks. We bet if Tootsie could talk she’d tell us she’s hoping to find a home with someone who will continue to allow her to get up on the furniture and will allow her to sleep with them at night in their bed as she’s accustomed to. 
This girl is a young senior at only 10. She needs someone who can afford her care for the rest of her days; this means vetting, good food and possible grooming.  Tootsie doesn’t need to lose another person. She needs a home with someone who will be around for her for what will hopefully be many years to come.
Tootsie is in need of a new home very soon. If you are interested in giving a home to a sweet, loving, devoted friend, She is waiting in Redmond, WA. for you.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.